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Technical Delivery Engineer Denver, CO

Technical Delivery Engineer:

We are a nimble, experienced recruiting team specializing in information security, cloud computing, and networking and Development. We are determined to find the best possible solutions for companies in search of top talent, while offering job candidates an expedited, precise recruiting process.

Locus is focused on supporting the goals of both our clients as well as the candidate community to offer an experience that supports and stimulates the growth of our stakeholders. We take a full hands-on approach with our process, understanding our clients and candidates needs in order to find each the right fit from a skillset and a cultural perspective.

Shape the future of technology; Modern Cloud Solutions, DevOps Enablement, Azure Data, and Power BI, making applications better and faster. The right resource with provide cutting edge technology solutions for our clients.

The Delivery Manager will support one or more delivery teams within a fast-paced product development driven environment. This role is intended to help software development teams achieve their goals as high performing software development teams, creating a culture of self-organization and continuous improvement, and provide a leader for Agile projects. The Scrum Master ensures clear communication and organization of the group, and coaching development employees in all aspects of the standard Agile Scrum process.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Be the primary point of contact with the clients
  • Organize and facilitate all scrum related meetings (stand-ups, retrospectives, reviews, demos, etc.).


  • Work with clients from multiple industries.


  • Build long-term relationships with stakeholders.


  • Apply trusted Agile principles and leadership skills


  • Experience in playing the Scrum Master role for at least two years


  • Architectural / Technology
  • Tech Stack Definition
  • Development Skills
  • App Architecture
  • App Security
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Infrastructure Security
  • NFR Design and Implementation
  • Engineering Practices
  • Azure DevOps
  • Version Control
  • Test Strategy
  • Software Delivery Pipelines
  • Delivery Process
  • Sprint 0 Kickoff / Planning
  • Spikes
  • Tech Debt Management
  • Design Review
  • Additionally, a Delivery Engineer

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